I got interested in crypto art late 2020, since then, my work has been featured in Auction house like Fauve Paris, Web 3 events like NFC (Lisbon), MoCA (Paris), NFT NYC and more. 

I am lucky enough to have collectors from all around the world.

I share most of my art on Twitter

I specialize in creating procedural environments that are inspired by physics. My work combines my passion for both art and technology to create unique and immersive experiences for viewers.

Since I've started, I've had the opportunity to exhibit my art at the MoCa Gallery. My work was also sold in the first French physical NFT auction at the Fauve auction house in Paris.

I also sold a piece in a physical charity auction in Paris, in November 2022, for Lawyers Without Borders


During the @NFCsummit I had the privilege of being selected as a finalist for the @arabbankCH art contest